What springs to mind when the word “diamonds” is mentioned? For the majority of people, it is something that is crystal clear and sparkling, reflecting the environment around you. While some people may picture captivating blues and brilliant pinks, others may envision something more on the yellow, sunny side. Black diamonds are not likely to come to mind when you are reading this. This is due to the fact that they are less prevalent than other diamond varieties.
However, as people’s awareness of diamonds grows, they are becoming more familiar with their many shapes. As a result, individuals are increasingly choosing to use black diamonds in their engagement rings. Others are just curious about diamonds as a subject.

Diamonds with perfect clarity are very frequent. In truth, black diamonds are extremely different from the majority of diamonds you have likely seen. This is so because black diamonds are actually composed of millions of other microscopic black crystals, not just a few. This is known as the polycrystalline structure, and it gives these captivating stones their distinctive colour and greater depth.

Aren’t all diamonds considered to be sturdy and long-lasting, you might ask? Your point is well taken, yet black diamonds are reputed to be even more durable and robust than other diamonds. In actuality, they received a 10 on the Mohs Harness Scale when measured. This implies that cutting and polishing them are exceedingly challenging.

When you see a diamond, you probably picture a bright stone, however these diamonds look very different from that. Shiny black diamonds are not to be found. As opposed to other diamonds, which reflect light, they are known to absorb it. These striking black beauties resemble marble in appearance thanks to their distinctive polish, which makes them stand out.

Other varieties of diamonds are uncommon in a few places. Even in places where you least expect to see them, they typically hide. Black diamonds, however, are an exception to this. These are only found in Brazil and the heart of Africa, two distinct geographic regions. Black diamonds actually only belong to one region, according to their neighbouring relationships throughout history.

People sometimes form wildly irrational assumptions about unusual or unique things when they observe them. These ebony beauties are in a similar situation. Many scientists think that the first black diamonds created in space, during the supernova explosions.

Black diamonds are extremely strong, as we already discussed, which is why cutting these priceless jewels takes a long time. Their peculiar composition of graphite and carbon atoms is what gives them their strength. So, if you’ve managed to get your hands on this dark stone, consider how long it took to cut and polish it.

The fact that these diamonds are located in kimberlites is their most distinctive quality. These diamonds, unlike others, have only been found in alluvial deposits, the younger rock formations that are only found close to water sources.

It isn’t unusual for people to develop superstitions regarding unpredictable, and phenomenon that don’t have a direct explanation. Same is the case with black diamonds. Ancient Indian people believed they were a curse because of their resemblance to a snake’s eyes, or the colour of spiders. It was the exact with opposite with Ancient Italians who believed that touching these rare gems would bring good fortune to a marriage.

The word carbonado in Greek language referred to a black diamond that was opaque and dark. This is why carbonado diamonds has become a common term that is associated with these dark beauties.

Although they were once more reasonable, if you’re considering the price of these unique jewels, you should realise that they are now virtually as expensive as other colourless diamonds. Despite this, they are less well-known than colourless diamonds due to their gloomy appearance.
Although they aren’t extremely common, individuals who like something opaque and dark rather than the normal colourless diamonds treasure these black beauties, but ultimately, it depends on the individual.

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